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Cloud Concierge: Cloud-based access control for buildings and tenants

Galaxy Control Systems is a leader in access control security with an emphasis on providing superior security protection for commercial real estate worldwide. Our new cloud-based access control platform – Cloud Concierge – is an ideal solution for commercial real estate security and safety concerns, offering property managers the convenience of access control without disruption to tenants. Here are some of the challenges facing commercial real estate providers where Cloud Concierge can help:

  • Landlord and tenant safety
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Unauthorized access
  • Community safety

Cloud Concierge enables badging and approval of all landlords, tenants, and authorized visitors. Authorized users can view who is on site and monitor their movements in order to protect tenants. Staff can also get real-time notifications of system activity, as well as more in depth reports as needed.

Better yet, Cloud Concierge lets property managers avoid capital investments in access control servers, data storage infrastructure, and similar equipment – not to mention the associated burden on technical personnel. Instead, users can simply manage their access control system from their desktop or other mobile device, with software and hardware maintenance handled automatically by a Galaxy dealer partner.

Galaxy systems are designed to work with other security and safety-related solutions for commercial real estate, such as electronic access control, surveillance and intrusion detection, time and attendance systems, IP intercom systems, and all types of readers including biometrics. They also integrate easily with visitor management and elevator systems. Together, all these elements, and more, let Galaxy Control Systems tailor exactly the system you need for your specific situation.

Implemented systems provide many benefits, helping you:

  • Improve safety for landlords, tenants, and authorized visitors
  • Reduce unwelcome visitors
  • Minimize threat of criminal activity or tenant misconduct
  • Enhance communications with police and fire/rescue personnel
  • Minimize threat of theft, property damage and onsite violence


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