Access control is a #1 priority for crime prevention in today’s schools

Galaxy Control Systems is a leader in access control security with an emphasis on providing superior security protection for schools and universities worldwide. Galaxy has experience addressing educational security and safety concerns and can work with administrators to help ensure the safety of students, staff, and faculty, as well as help protect educational property. Here are some of the risks facing schools today that Galaxy Control Systems can help mitigate:

  • Violence and crisis management
  • Faculty and student safety
  • Unauthorized access
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Theft
  • Classroom safety
  • Gang violence
  • Vandalism

Galaxy’s visitor management solutions for education offer a wide range of functionality, including badging and approval of all visitors to institutions. Staff can view who is on campus and control authorized access to specific areas. Staff can also import “watch lists” including sexual predator information with instant notification.

Other security and safety-related solutions for education include electronic access control, surveillance and intrusion detection, time and attendance systems, IP intercom systems, and all types of readers including biometrics. Together, all these elements, and more, let Galaxy Control Systems tailor exactly the system you need for your specific situation.

Implemented systems provide many benefits to the institution, helping you:

  • Improve safety for students, staff, faculty, and visitors
  • Reduce expenditures, security disturbances and incidents
  • Enhance communications with police and fire/rescue personnel
  • Prevent theft, property crimes and other violent acts
  • Increase public confidence
  • Decrease parental concerns