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Standard Enrollment Solution

Galaxy is pleased to announce an update to the RS 232 Serial Desktop Enrollment Station with a smaller, more portable USB model available with several reader types. The Galaxy USB Enrollment Reader is the fastest and most convenient way to add or replace access cards. Simply connect it to a System Galaxy Client's USB port and any industry standard access card can be entered into the system. Compatible w/SG v10.2 or higher.

92-0510-10 Farpointe P-300H: Cascade Proximity Reader (90-7300-00)  
92-0510-11 Farpointe P-640H: Patagonia Proximity Reader and keypad (90-6400-10)
92-0510-12 HID 6005 Prox Point (90-5400-00)
92-0510-13 HID iCLASS R-10 Read Only Contactless Smart Card Reader (90-2100-00)
92-0510-14 HID iCLASS RK-40 Read Only Contactless Smart Card Keypad Reader (90-2125-05)     
92-0510-15 IR PR10 XceedID Proximity Mini-Mullion (PR10)
92-0510-16 IR MT15 aptiQ Multi-Technology Single Gang (MT15)
92-0510-17 Black Magnetic Swipe Indoor/Outdoor Reader (90-3110-00)
92-0510-18 EZ Barcode Reader Indoor/Outdoor Swipe (90-0845-00)



  • Features

    • Module in plastic-slope top box 
    • USB Connection to PC
    • USB Cable included
    • Transformer included (US or European)
    • Any reader Galaxy offers is eligible for use
    • Smaller housing takes up less deskspace 
  • Benefits

    FAST & CONVENIENT: Cards can be entered, removed, or changed right at the PC. No need to find the nearest reader.
    SIMPLE TO USE: Once connected, It behaves just like a system reader for discovering card numbers.
    INTERMIX TECHNOLOGIES: Can be used with any industry standard reader technology.
    PORTABLE: Easily move from SG Client to SG Client
    FLEXIBILITY: Base Unit include choice of plugin transformer for US OR International use.