Invixium Biometric Solution

Installation - Activation - Set up - Enrollment

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System Galaxy integrates with the new IXM-WEB Application for enrolling biometric credentials and managing IXM Readers.

SG 11.6 or higher is currently compatible with IXM-WEB 2.2.


Scope of Integration

System Galaxy (SG) integrates with Invixium’s IXM-Web application using IIS Server and Galaxy’s Web-API Service.

Key points of the integration are ...

  • All Invixium Biometric Readers are supported and are licensed through IXM-WEB (link activation).
  • IXM Readers can inter-operate with any model of Galaxy ACP panel that is supported by System Galaxy 11.6 (i.e. 635-, 600-, or 500i-series ACP panels).
  • Access decisions are controlled by the Galaxy panel and the IXM Reader ‘Voice Command’ should be configured to “follow panel decision” to agree with the ACP.
  • System Galaxy supports biometric enrollment by launching the IXM Enrollment Module from within Galaxy's Enrollment screen.
  • System Galaxy supports synchronized enrollment - captured fingers are pushed to the appropriate reader based on Employee Group mapping (must be configured).



* Recommended at the time of the SG 11.6 Release to use "Downstream/Unidirectional" synchronization (from SG to IXM).

** In SG the term "Cardholder" is synonymous with the term "User" in Invixium.

In IXM, the term "Access Rules" may refer to the type of Biometric Authentication being used (such as single-factor). Whereas in System Galaxy, the term "access rules" generally refers to the door privileges that are assigned to a user. These access rules control when and where the user is granted access (doors and sche.