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Installation Procedures

These procedures describe how to install System Galaxy software or other system components.

System Galaxy Installation Worksheet - (worksheet) basic steps to install, register, and configure the System Galaxy Software and Hardware. Complete this procedure before you install and configure any 3rd-Party Solutions such as badging, biometrics, etc.

NOTE: See the appropriate Galaxy 3rd-Party Solution Guide for integrated features (i.e. badging, biometrics, wireless readers, video plug-ins, etc.). These guides describe important requirements and instructions for installing, configuring, and operating the 3rd-party product.

Software Procedures

These procedures describe how to configure and use specific features or functions in the System Galaxy software.

Basic Card Importing (CSV)   - Covers how to use the SG-Card Import Utility to import card/cardholder data from a CSV Conversion File. This procedure supports importing data for... Closed  any system that is licensed for the Card Import feature - or for a new unregistered system that is within the 14-day registration grace period. Contact Galaxy Customer Support if the grace period has expired and your license did not include the card import feature. .

System Galaxy Upgrade Planning Procedure   - Contains the basic steps for planning and performing an upgrade to an existing system. While this covers plans for upgrading the SG software and databases, you must also consider hardware more... Closed specifically whether the existing hardware (cpu's & boards) must be replaced or upgraded to maintain operational compatibility with the new software version and any specific features you are implementing ~ such as biometrics, a specific reader, etc.  At a minimum, you must always plan on updating the S28 Flash Version in all the controllers (CPU & boards) to the flash version that is compatible with your new SG software. The expected flash version is found in the new SG Help/About screen, which you can see after completing the software upgrade; (B) or preemptively, the Flash Version Compatibility Chart , which is listed in the current 635 Hardware Install Guide or the SG System Specification Guide  for your new software release version. Also see the 635/600 Hardware Flash Load Procedure for instructions about the flash breakpoints and how to step up from older systems.

Hardware Procedures

These procedures describe how to install, configure, and use specific features or functions of the System Galaxy hardware - like loading flash, using the embedded Factory workstation.

635/600 Hardware Flash Load Procedure   - Covers updating flash and loading data to the 600 and 635-series CPU Board (controller). NOTE: These instructions cover more ... Closed  two methods of updating flash from either (a) the GCS Loader Utility (600/635) or (b) the 635 Embedded Webpage (635 only). This procedure also covers how to identify the correct expected flash version (for your system), and the actual flash version (currently in your CPUs). NOTICE: If the SG software at your site has an 'expected flash version' that is different from the 'actual flash version' in the CPU board, then you must flash the CPU board (up or down as appropriate) to the expected flash version that your SG Software indicates is compatible. NOTE: This procedure assumes you have already correctly installed your CPU and daughter boards, including having correctly programmed the board IDs .

645-DRM Board Installation QRS   - Updating flash using a 635-CPU Board’s embedded Factory Test Station (built-in). An FTS cable is required. The FTS can update flash in both 600 and 635 boards. Also see...Closed  the 635/600 Hardware Flash Load Procedure for instructions on how to identify expected flash version vs. the actual flash version, and how to properly step flash versions to protect the correct memory allocation.

500i Loop Conversion Procedure - Covers converting the older 500i Loops to the new 635 Clusters in the SG system programming. The Conversion Utility only converts the System Galaxy software programming. The physical hardware must be installed and cut-over using the new cluster numbers that are auto-generated by the conversion utility. You must complete the loop conversion in the SG Software before you add the newly generated Cluster IDs to the new 635 CPU boards to prevent duplicating cluster numbers and avoid overriding existing hardware or hardware history.